Wood Pergolas/Patio Covers Huntington Beach
Wood Patio Covers & Pergolas & Pergolas Huntington Beach.
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Aluminum Faux Wood Pergolas and Patio Covers Huntington Beach

Patio Covers and Pergolas Huntington Beach

Aluminum Faux Wood Patio Covers are

• Reduces Home Marketability & Value.
• Unsightly Rivets & Seems.
• Looks & Feels like Metal not Wood.
• Easily Dented & Scratched.
• Not "Mantinance Free"
• Oxidizes over time.

Patio Covers and Pergolas Huntington Beach

• What About Huntington Beach Property Values? Not everyone likes the look and feel of a metal structure in their backyard. A good Huntington Beach realter might advise you not to install an Aluminum Patio Cover or Pergola because it would reduce the market pool of home buyers and therefore reducing your home's value.

Aluminum does need painted eventually so it's not completely "Maintenance Free".

• It will eventually get a chalky unsightly patina, like a car finish without proper attention.

• What's worse is that the chalky patina needs to be completely removed with sand paper before re-painting. If preparation is not done correctly, the new paint will tend to peel.

• Many Huntington Beach homeowners are not happy when they decide to go with this material. A common statement I hear is "It looked good in the brochure but after it was installed, I was very disappointed. It looks and feels cheap."

• To many Huntington Beach homeowners, Aluminum Pergolas and Patio Covers have the ambiance of a gas station roof. I agree, and for that reason we do not work with them.


Most Huntington Beach homeowners agree that a well built Wood Pergola or Patio Cover is the best choice by far.

• Real wood can be crafted to last 30 to 40 years with very little maintenance.
• Aluminum reduces property values and marketability.
• Wood Maintains High property values and marketability.
• Wood can cost about 20% more.
• Wood is organic and inspiring.
• Aluminum is cold and uninspiring.
• Aluminum is not maintenance free. Dents, Scratches, Oxidizes.

We are innovators not followers.
We invent our own techniques born from a solid engineering background and four decades of paying attention to what works in the field. Our weather proofing techniques are the best around.